Unfinished LogoChurch leaders have been telling us that interest in cross-cultural mission is declining in many congregations around the country and that they would like some help from mission agencies to try to address this, but that they don’t simply want a missionary report from any one agency as a response. So within MRF we have worked hard to create what we believe is a helpful resource for churches to help you to inspire your people to get more involved in mission.

UNFINISHED is the result of that work. It is an event or a day of events designed to help your church or churches in your community consider how to engage in cross-cultural mission. There are two event formats to choose from:

An Unfinished Event…

A 90-minute multi-media presentation in place of your normal morning or evening service. An Unfinished Event includes worship, activities for all ages, testimony, Bible teaching and an opportunity for people to respond privately to God’s call. It challenges your church to consider how they can become involved more practically in praying, giving, going and sending.

We suggest this event finishes with a church lunch or refreshments enabling attendees to chat with mission representatives.

An Unfinished Day….

Working with several churches in a community, we provide a full day of mission activities at a host church.

In the morning:

  • Mission representatives give a brief presentation at each participating church’s morning service.

Then at the host church:

  • An afternoon series of workshops featuring various mission agencies and topics.
  • A meal – lunch or dinner – for all attendees.
  • An Unfinished Event in a joint evening service for all participating churches.

If you are interested in holding an Unfinished event or day at your church, or would simply like to find out more, then email unfinished@mrf.org.uk and we will get back to you to see how best we can help.