We are delighted to offer some resources for your church, to help you in mission work within your community. Kairos Kairos + sub titleis an exciting interactive course that looks at our world from God’s perspective.  It can help you grasp God’s global purpose and catch a glimpse of the unrelenting advance of Christianity around the world.

serving as senders: is designed to enable local churches to fulfil their part in the Great Commission by caring effectively for their mission personnel. This one-day seminar can be tailor-made to suit the needs of individual churches. Larger congregations with established mission programmes can benefit from expert help and be refreshed in what they are already doing; smaller churches and those with a developing mission vision will be encouraged to see that they too can play a significant part in God’s world-wide purposes.   See more here:


logo Perspectives helps believers from all walks of life see how they can get threaded into God’s story of redeeming people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to Himself. From Genesis to the prophets, Jesus Christ to the early church, and Constantine to today, you will see how God has been moving, how the global Church has responded, and what the greatest needs in world evangelisation remain today. It isn’t a class about missions, but a course on how every believer can be intimately woven into the story of God using His people to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth.  


 Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) is both a book and a course.
EWI helps Christians understand Islam and foster positive relationships with Muslims. EWI looks at the whole global community of Muslims, most of whom live in South and Southeast Asia (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan) rather than in the Middle East, as is often supposed.


People Groups – You can search more than 11,000 people groups by name, country, religion, language or status of evangelisation. The information provided on each people group includes alternate names, country, primary language, religion and population.Visitors can download a list of all the world’s people groups, as well as tables and charts on the status of global evangelisation. You can even add information about pockets of unreached people groups they have discovered in their own cities.


Joshua Project seeks to answer the questions that result from the Great Commission’s call to make disciples among every nation or people group:

  • Who are the ethnic people groups of the world?
  • Which people groups still need an initial church-planting movement in their midst?
  • What ministry resources are available to help outreach among the least-reached?