The name of the organisation shall be Mission Reps Fellowship (MRF).


MRF is a partnership of mission agencies and other evangelical agencies working in and from Scotland: an Unincorporated Association.


The object of MRF is to stimulate interest in, and support for, world mission:

  • stimulating interest in giving, supporting, praying and thinking about world mission throughout the church in Scotland.
  • fostering co-operation in and from Scotland.
  • providing a forum for fellowship and for the exchange of ideas and information.
  • facilitating opportunities for member agencies who choose to work together on projects of mutual interest.


MRF agencies will either be members of Global Connections or the Evangelical Alliance or will satisfy the Committee as to their evangelical basis. Each agency will nominate a named representative who will be eligible to participate in votes or elections. Each named representative will be entitled to one vote. Member agencies have the right to replace their named representative at any time by informing the Committee.

Individuals who are in agreement with MRF aims and objectives may be invited by the Committee to become associate members. Such associate members will not have voting rights. Associate membership will be renewable on an annual basis.

Participation in MRF activities will be limited to any representatives of member agencies and to associate members.

Liability of member agencies and associate members is limited to the payment of the annual membership fee.


Annual membership fees will be set by the Committee.


The Committee will consist of no less than 4 and no more than 5 individuals elected from the list of nominated representatives of member agencies. No person may serve on the Committee for more than three years consecutively. One member will retire and another will be elected annually at the March AGM. In the event of a vacancy arising on the Committee, a replacement member can be elected at any ordinary meeting to serve for the remainder of the term of the member vacating their position.

At the first Committee meeting following the March election, the Committee will appoint a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Minute Secretary from their number.

If necessary the Committee will vote to make necessary decisions. Three members of the Committee will form a quorum and the Chairman will have an additional casting vote in the event of a 2-2 vote. Decisions taken will be minuted.

The Committee will meet at least four times each year prior to the ordinary meetings of MRF in order to direct the affairs of MRF.

The Committee is responsible to conduct the affairs of MRF. Activities of the Forum Groups and Task Groups (see below) take place under the supervision of the Committee.

The Committee may not approve expenditure beyond £500 without gaining the approval, at an ordinary meeting of MRF, of 75% of member agencies whose named representatives are present at that meeting.

The Committee will communicate with member agencies through the named representatives of those agencies.


Groups may be formed:

  • to discuss and reflect on areas of mutual interest [Forum Groups]
  • to actively pursue specific, well-defined projects [Task Groups]

Membership of these groups will be open to any personnel from member agencies and to associate members.

Groups will come into being, and those which subsequently disband, will inform MRF through the Committee. Members will be free to join groups at any time.

Each group will be collectively liable for all costs, expenses, losses that the Group incurs.

Groups will produce an annual report (not exceeding 2 pages of A4). These reports will be submitted to the Committee four weeks before the September AGM for copying and distributing to the membership.


Ordinary meetings of member agencies of MRF will be held in June, September and December. The Annual General Meeting of MRF will be held in March. The Committee will be responsible for arranging the programmes for these meetings each year. It is anticipated that two meetings each year will feature a speaker on an aspect of mission work, and the other two meetings will take the format of a fellowship, prayer and information meeting. All meetings are open meetings.

Winding Up

The membership may be wound up at any September ordinary meeting. The Committee must give one month’s notice of such a proposal to all the members and 75% of member agencies must be in agreement. In the event of being wound up any remaining assets of MRF after payment of all necessary expenses will be divide equally among all member agencies.


You can download a pdf version here – MRF Constitution